Toddler Time at Hyattsville’s Art Works Now!

Took my lil lady to check out Toddler Time at Art Works Now‘s new location in Hyattsville earlier this month!  We were at their first official program at their new place.  Who else can say that, other than everyone else in the class?!?  ðŸ˜ƒ

If you live in the DC Metro area and are interested in exposing your children to the arts in hands-on way, then you really should check out Art Works Now.  It’s a great, local organization whose “mission is to create a stronger community through the arts.”  Now based on Route 1 in Hyattsville, they offer art classes, after school programs, summer camps, teen programs and more.  Its founder, Barbara Johnson, is an artist and educator (and a native of Hyattsville!) “with a vision of increasing accessibility to visual arts education across economic and ability spectrums.”  

We first checked out Toddler Time a couple of years back at their former Mt. Rainier location.  I was drawn to this program for the chance to expose lil lady to the arts in ways that typically never make it from my Pinterest board to reality.  Like their DIY Slime Toddler Time, where kiddos were advised to “dress for a mess” as turned corn starch and water into slime!  Or Magic Salt Painting, where toddlers experimented with different materials to see how they interact while making cool art.  I was also honestly drawn to Toddler Time by the promise of free coffee and the chance of meeting other local parents.  (The number of times I make a hot toddy coffee only to have it interrupted by some young’ns demands are too many to count.  Too many.  I cry now.)  
At this first Toddler Time at the new location, there was no specific theme; instead, about 8 little Picassos were given an apron, a couple of paintbrushes, and a palette of colors to create their own masterpieces.  My little one got busy painting her body, as she likes to do.  Thankfully, they let me hose her down outside afterwards.  Just kidding.  That didn’t happen.  This time.  Though they should prepare for next time because when homegirl paints, she does not limit herself to anybody else’s construction of what a canvas should be.  In fact, anybody and any body part is her canvas.  Keep on keepin on, my lady.

I should also note that Toddler Time is another fun way to meet local parents in the area.  Maybe I’ll even see you at one!  ðŸ‘‹
One more note: Pizzeria Paradiso will soon be opening up right next to Art Works Now!  So excited about this development!  Imagine: Toddler Time at Art Works Now then walk right over for lunch at Pizzeria Paradiso. Even more dreamier:  Kids having fun/being taken care of at Art Works Now’s Parents Night Out while you have fun right next door at Pizzeria Paradiso, eating some pizza and drinking some delish Maryland craft beer!  Of course, if you want to actually eat with your kids, you can do that, too!  ðŸ˜œ

Toddler Time 
Summer Hours (June 17th – July 29th)  = Saturdays, 10am-Noon  
Where:  4800 Rhode Island Ave, Suite 1, Hyattsville, MD 20781
Phone: 301-454-0808
Changing Table?  Yes!  Nice & clean and in a bathroom.
Cost: $5 per child
Parking: Available on site

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