Snow Day Fun!

After I filled my reserves from Town Center Market this afternoon, I put together this post on ways to keep your kids occupied during tomorrow’s Snow Day.  As for yourwell-being, go ahead and connect the dots on the Town Center Market bit.   
We’re told the likelihood of a snow day tomorrow is as good as your chances of being interrupted by your toddler while you’re in the bathroom, so for the sake of our collective sanity, I’m sharing a few thoughts/ideas/links to ways to fill the hours of 6:30am-8pm.  If your window to fill is considerably smaller than that: (1) congratulations; (2) feel free to stop by with some coffee; & (3) pretty sure you’ll get yours during the tweenage years.  
Kitchen Fun
My youngins love helping out in the kitchen.  While the task usually lasts about 30 minutes, they usually last about 10 minutes.  Still, 10 minute is 10 minutes.  Here are some our favorite toddler and kid-friendly recipes to keep little hands busy and tummies of all sizes happy:  

  • Whole-Wheat Banana Pancakes, 100 Days of Real Food (Among other things, my kiddos love mashing the bananas – which can be mashed to kingdom come, so perfect activity while you measure out the other ingredients).
  •  French Toast Sticks, Weelicious (Easy and delish.) 
  • No-Bake Energy Bites, Smashed Peas and Carrots (Good snack option. We made without coconut flakes and subbed maple syrup for vanilla & survived.  Kids enjoyed eating ingredients as we went along and getting their paws stickied-up rolling the little balls into shape.)
  • Tortilla Pizza, Cookie & Kate (They’ll enjoy scooping out the marinara and sprinking the cheese around.  FYI – I bucked the rules, followed commenter Danielle’s instructions and baked on a regular baking sheet.  Turned out fine.)

Indoor Activity Fun

  • Old Greenbelt Theatre usually shows a free kids’ movie at 11am on PGCPS Snow Days (3/21 movie is Happy Feet!)
  • Play Balloon Tennis – Make use of those leftover birthday balloons and endless straws/paper plates/flyswatter with this fun timewaster.)
  • Make a Tent/Fortress – Kids love hiding.  And we love the moments when they do – so grab four chairs, a big sheet and make a tent/fort. Anything will work.
  • Make-up Mommy/Daddy/anything – Stay with me. You’ve got old makeup or free makeup that’s been sitting in closet for donkey’s years.  Make use of it.  Let your kiddo unleash his/her inner artist by working on your grill.  Just make sure you have enough makeup remover in stock….!
  • Dance Party USA! – If your kids are like mine, they love to see themselves on video and love to dance.  So, record them dancing!  You get some relief while they dance, they get their wiggles out and then you get a bit more downtime as they watch themselves dance again!  Relatedly, if you kid is a budding/aspiring breakdancer, YouTube is a great resource for instructional videos.  Speaking from experience! 
  • Make Snowflakes!  – The kind that won’t melt on your floor.    
Outdoor Activity Fun 
  • Use the storm as an opp to test out kiddo’s skills measuring the snow in different areas.  Can even make bets on who guesses closest.  Loser must drink.  Just kidding.  
  • Make use of that food coloring in the back of your panty.  Fill a spray bottle with water + food coloring and then let them go bonkers outside “spray painting” the snow.  
  • Snowball fight, obvs. 
STEM Activity Fun for All Ages 

💕💕 Scientific American magazine has a ton of cool, easy, kid-designed science experiments in their Bring Science Home series that will fill up some time and teach you and your kiddo a thing or two in the process (love how it tells you all about the science behind the project).  Some fun ones we’ve tried and a couple that just sound tre cool!

Also, PBS Kids has a great page on Crafts for kids.  Here are some of our faves:

Feel free to share your snow day ideas on the comments section below.  Together, we will get through this.  Peace.   😁

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