Biz Review: The WaterHole, Organic Juice & Smoothie Bar!

I remember the first time I met Lisa Harris, the owner of The WaterHole in Mt. Rainier, Maryland.  I was on my way out of The WaterHole with my littlest one, after having finished a delicious, made-to-order carrot+beet+apple+ginger juice when Lisa approached from outside and held the door open for us and our wee stroller.  Not realizing she was probably eager to get inside, I started chatting away and picked her brain for recommendations on nearby things to do with my wee one.  Lisa didn’t skip a beat.  She pointed out two nearby playgrounds, ran through the merits of each, suggested routes to explore along the way and recommended I check out a local mammas and pappas listserv for even more info on the topic.

I share the above because it’s not every business owner who will take the time out of her workday to casually chat, nevermind chat about a topic unrelated to her craft.  Not every business owner welcomes young children into their business.  And for those who do, I can count on one hand how many of them actually keep a basket of toys at the ready for young kids to explore.  Lisa does all this and more.

And by more, I mean that she also hosts Pop-Up Storytime on Friday mornings at The WaterHole, where children ages 0-4 (typically) gather at 10am to hear stories and wiggle away to songs shared animatedly by librarians from Prince George’s County Memorial Library System.  See this awesome video capturing one of the fun gatherings:


Back to the Drinks!  

The WaterHole offers a menu of organic juices and smoothies ranging from the adventurous Irie Thunder juice (designed to activate your pineal gland…I don’t even know where that is but sign me up!) to the deliciously fruity Berry Nice Smoothie and everything in between.  Don’t see what you’re seeking on the menu?  No worries – they’re open to combining whatever available ingredients may do the trick – and they’re happy to guide you along your alkaline adventure in case you’d like a bit more calcium here (hello, chia seeds) or a boost of energy there (hemp seeds) or maybe, ladies, some additional B-12?  Thank you, spirulina.

Lisa Harris, Owner of The WaterHole

Sample from Menu: 
The Three Kings: Apple, beet, carrot, ginger
Leaf Lover: Kale, Parsley, Cucumber, Spinace, Pear & Lime
Beet It: Beet & Ginger (holla!)
Rad Radish: Orange, Carrot, Radish
Carrot Kicker: Carrot, Orange, Ginger, Cayenne, Lemon

Berry Nice: Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana, Coconut Water  (Kids 💗 this one!)
Green Goji: Kale, Goji Berries, Banana, Spirulina

In addition to the above, Lisa’s got fresh Kombucha on tap, wheatgrass at the ready and a host of many other seasonal options.  And if there’s a rumble in your jungle – or your tummy…I really can’t help you with your jungle – you can nosh on vegan gluten free organic chocolate cookies and vegan gluten free honey oak bars.  Mmm, mmm!

Kitty Brown – Lisa’s Mom!

& Coffee! 
Additionally, for those with a caffeine habit (my people!), The WaterHole brews and sells Zeke’s Coffee, which you can dress with some half-and-half or keep it au naturale.  They also offer free Wi-Fi, so add them to your list of sweet spots to write/grade terms papers, scroll through a newspaper, write blog posts – whatever.

Most of all, what I really dig about The WaterHole is its sense of community.  Maybe it has to do with seeing Lisa’s mom help out behind the counter or witnessing Lisa’s natural engagement with any customer who walks through the door.  Or maybe it’s the community bulletin board with messages and business cards from local musicians to babysitters and dogwalkers.  Either way, The WaterHole is a welcoming, deliciously juicy gathering place for those in Mt. Rainier and beyond.  Support our local business community, #staylocal & check it out today!

The Waterhole
4004 34th Street
Mt. Rainier, MD 

Tues – Fri 8AM – 7PM
Saturday 10AM – 6PM
Sunday 10AM – 6PM

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