Sunday, December 31, 2017

Special New Year’s Day Resolution 5k parkrun + Free Yoga at Yoga Space for NEW Students (1/2-1/8/18)

Hope you and yours are gearing up for an amazing New Year! One of the great things I love about our local communities is the abundance of fun opportunities we're offered to get/stay active with our neighbors. From Arrow Bicycle and Proteus Bicycle's communal bike rides to Hyattsville's Movin' with the Mayor and College Park parkrun, so many opps to get active while meeting new neighbors. 

Speaking of, sharing two FREE, local opps that are a fun way to kick off your 2018! 

Monday, Jan. 1, two times, two locations
Come celebrate our healthy community with a special once-a-year Double parkrun.
Walk or run. Do one or both. Bring your dog, your kids, your strollers, your barcode, and your smiles.
*8:30 a.m., Leakin Park parkrun (*Baltimore)
10:30 a.m, College Park parkrun, co-hosted with Prince George’s Running Club
11:30 a.m. onwards, community brunch at the Board and Brew
FREE. Register for a parkrun barcode at

Hyattsville's Yoga Space is offering free classes to anyone new to Yoga Space for the first week of its winter session (Tuesday, January 2 - Monday, January 8, 2018). They offer Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkriais, Tai Chi, Yogalates (!), prenatal yoga & more. Fun, free chance to explore a new-to-you yoga studio!  According to the site, you can "Take one class; take two classes; take as many as you like!"


Know of other fun, free, local, community-minded, active opps to kick off the New Year?  
Enter 'em in the comments below! 

 πŸ‘❤πŸ‘Š❤πŸ‘❤πŸ’ƒ❤   HAPPY NEW YEAR, ROUTE ONE!  πŸ‘❤πŸ‘Š❤πŸ‘❤πŸ’ƒ❤

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2018 Winter Break Fun Guide!

School's out, family's still around but your kiddos want/need to get outside of the house. No worries - You got this: From Kwanzaa Celebrations to STEM-Tastic fun to Thank You Card Workshop to Ice Skating to Crafternoon and Open Gym time you'll have enough local activities at your fingertips to keep your kids active and yourself, sane. As this runs through the weekend, this fabulous guide doubles as the upcoming Kids' Weekend Guide! Comment with any additional events and I'll update in a jiffy!

Tip: Certain days have broader activity menus than others, so plan accordingly. May the force be with you. :)

Special thanks to the fabulous sponsor of this Winter Break Guide!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Wishing all you fabulous folks up, down, around and along our beloved Route One a Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays! Thank you for your support of and enthusiasm for Route One Fun. πŸ‘ I love sharing the latest deets on local places to go, restaurants to explore, personalities to appreciate, new shops to check out, area happenings & more. I'm so grateful that my (admittedly sometimes dorkish levels of) enthusiasm for writing and sharing these nuggets is well received and appreciated by all of y'all. Thank you so much for reading and sharing Route One Fun with your buds. As Lil' Kim would say, rock on with your jolly selves! 😊

Here's to another adventurous year of discovering and 
sharing more fun along Route One with all of y'all! πŸ‘ 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sweet-Hearts in Riverdale Park!

Walking through Riverdale Park the other day, this cool, colorful and approachable sculpture near Beale Circle (behind Wells Fargo) caught my attention:

"Sweet-Hearts" by Craig Berube-Gray
I knew that the Hyattsville CDC had been busy at installing new sculptures in the area so I reached out to Justin Fair, their Economic Development Coordinator (and public art guru!) to learn about the artist behind this new installment.  Justin shared that the piece indeed part of the Riverdale Park Public Art Initiative and shared this press release, noting the artists' names and stories behind the six new sculptures across town. Above and below are pics of  "Sweet-Hearts" by Craig Berube-Gray.

Craig Berube-Gray shares: "['Sweet-Hearts'] was born from the destruction of the recent hurricane that hit my home region of the Florida Keys. The outpouring of giving and love from people who have supported the community has been monumental. The work is entitled 'Sweet-Hearts', I believe that the simple phrases carved into this stucco and wood sculpture can be a daily reminder that showing love to your fellow person can bridge any divide in the current world."

Turns out Berube-Gray was also the sculptor of "Slices of Orange," a work we enjoyed checking out while playing on the playground in Riverdale Recreation Park (sculpture has since been replaced).

As noted, Berube-Gray's sculpture is one of six recent (five installed, one forthcoming) in Riverdale Park. I'm excited to check out the other new installments over winter break, especially "Great Blue Herons," a sculpture meticulously designed by the late Joanna Blake. Stay tuned for updates and more pictures!

In the meantime, check out "Sweet-Hearts" when you get the chance: "Sweet-Hearts" by Craig Berube-Gray, at Beale Circle, 4513 Rittenhouse St, Riverdale Park, MD 20737.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ceremony Coffee, Tasty Food & WiFi at Sip at C Street Flats

As we explore our many lovely towns and cities along Route One with the kiddos, we usually try to keep an eye out for places where the kids can play and where mamma can get her coffee fix nearby. This laser-tight focus is what prompted our exploration of Laurel's Sip at C Street Flats; its delish coffee and food is what's prompting this vignette. Timely, methinks, in the event you might want to explore/escape to a new coffeeshop when the relatives are in town...πŸ˜‰ Relatedly, it's free wi-fi makes it a great spot to get some studying or work done over winter break.  

Local Coffee + Craft Beer + Wine + Food (Inc. Kids' Menu) = πŸ‘

Sip serves Ceremony Coffee, which is a local roaster based out of Annapolis whose coffee is top-notch. While they had pour-over options, I went for the straight drip and was a happy lady. I've had Ceremony before so knew what to expect. Sometimes, though, especially when visiting during off-hours, coffee kept in those airpot/pump vessels can become lukewarm. Not the case here. Hot just like I like it! 

As I oscillate freely between earnestly making my kids' meals with ingredients like quinoa / hemp hearts / chia seeds and straight-up mac-n-cheese, it's always comforting to find a kids' menu that offers similar variety! Here, the kids' menu allows for your to order any of their deli sandwiches in a kids' size or you could go the grilled cheese / PB & J route.  It's like they knew I was going to visit! πŸ˜„  As for the adults, they have a full menu (paninis, salads, soups, etc). I opted for the spinach-feta-egg concoction, which was delish.  And which I should have ordered twice as my lil lady devoured most of mine. 

When my young man insisted on sitting at one of the barstools so that he could watch some Steve Harvey (jk. I forget what was on the screen...but I do love my Steve!), the kind staff noted that it wouldn't be a problem and even made conversation with him about the upcoming school year as I sat at one of the tables and tried to wrangle the last of the food away from my daughter. πŸ˜’ I appreciated their efforts and should note that service throughout was great. πŸ‘

Checking out the beer menu or watching the TV. We may never know...;) 
Plentiful seating and bright, airy ambiance make for a lovely setting. Also including a pic of the exterior as Sip is down towards the end of the street. 


The only negative about Sip that I have is that they didn't have a changing table in the bathroom. These things don't cost much but do significantly make life easier for folks with cling-ons, so hopefully they'll consider putting one in soon. 

So, go explore Laurel & Sip!  Bring the kids and make a morning/afternoon of it! I recommend checking out a program happening at the Laurel Library (post about my lovin' on the Laurel Library here), have the kid(s) then burn some energy at the adjacent playground, head to Sip for lunch then back in the car for naptime during drive home. Still more energy? Take a walk/run along Laurel's Riverfront Park, which is right behind Sip. πŸ‘

Comment below if you've been to Sip or have now been inspired to do so! :) 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Adults' Weekend Guide: Dec. 15th-17th

Catch the Largo High School Choir Saturday at the Mall at Prince George's!
πŸ“· Largo High School Choir

This weekend gives you a chance to catch some great local bands like Paint Branch Creek, Black Masala as well as the chance to hear the festive sounds of Largo High School Choir (they're #7 on Gospel Billboard, people!!!) as well as Riverdale Park's Holiday Market, an Essential Oils Workshop, a YART Sale at Artist & Craftsman (deep discounts I've heard!) and more. Check it out and report back on all the fun you had along Route One! :)

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Kids' Weekend Guide: Dec. 15th-17th

πŸ“· by Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department!
(Check out their event this Sunday!)
The Holiday fun continues this weekend with a Gingerbread House Hullabaloo, Holiday Ornament Workshop, Riverdale Park's Holiday Market w/ Santa, The Nutcracker, Breakfasts with Santa & more! Check it out!

**Riverdale Park's Town Clerk reports that they're "in need of toys for the Toys for Tots program this year. This program directly benefits families in our Town. If you would like to contribute, please deliver new and unwrapped toys to Town Hall or the Police Department by Friday, December 15."

Going, Going, Gone: ReCreative Spaces & Robert Harper Books

I try to keep my posts on the more positive side of things; there's enough gloom out there to occupy your mind and thoughts. But this post is going to be less Q-Tip's Vivrant Thing and more Elton John's Yellow Brick Road than you're used to getting from me. 

Here's why sad Elton's in my ears: We're losing two small businesses that - from what I've seen - have hustled like crazy to be a spot for our community to gather, connect, hear new music, support local artists and musicians, buy local art, happen upon a great used book, buy a Sonic Youth t-shirt, etc. Mt. Rainier's ReCreative Spaces announced last month that they're closing their doors at the end of the year and Riverdale Park's Robert Harper Books announced this month that it will be closing its store at the end of January (online sales will continue).

Monday, December 11, 2017

Alan Binstock's Ribbon of Life at Hyattsville's University Town Center

Ever wonder and wander around the outside of Safeway along Route 1 in Hyattsville and stop to take in this colorful, winding, glass sculpture right on the corner near Pollo Campero?  Me, too!

Open Gym (& Amazing Foam Pit!) at PG Sports & Learning Complex

Amazing foam pit that the kids can slide, dive, jump, swing into.
This pit alone is reason enough to check this place out! 
If you haven't checked out Prince George's County Sports and Learning Complex in Landover yet with your energetic 1-12 year old(s), then let this winter be the season you do so! This place is HUGE and heir "gymnastics workshops," i.e. open gym, is a time when kiddos can run around and try their acrobatic skills on equipment usually reserved for budding / training gymnasts - for the most part. They can jump, swing and bounce along to their hearts' content, just like these kiddos below!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Sneak Peek Inside District Taco, Riverdale Park

Hey hey, Taco luvas!

This lil lady here was invited to check out Riverdale Park's District Taco (DT) at its soft opening today and took a number of photos to share with y'all! While DT doesn't officially open its doors until Monday (12/11/17) at noon (more on that, here), hopefully this sneak peek will satiate your curiosity's appetite enough to get you through the weekend! Solidarity.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Kids' Weekend Guide: Dec. 8th-10th

Holiday Fun, Storytime, STEM activities, National Hoopfest & more, all this weekend!

Special thanks to our sponsor of this Weekend Guide!

Adults' Weekend Guide: Dec. 8th-10th

Catch Potomac Winds at Robert Harper Books this wknd!
Will it be a Holiday Fashion Show, a Candlelight Holiday House Tour or maybe some Zumba (just to mix it up)? Saturday brings Open Studios Tour, Brentwood Arts Exchange's Craft Fair & Beer Tasting Lounge (featuring Hyattsville's own Streetcar 82 Brewing Company)! More to explore below!

Special thanks to our sponsor of this Weekend Guide!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Route One Kids' 2017 Holiday Fun Guide!

 πŸ“· HVFD: Santa Claus is coming to town! 

πŸŽ… Welcome to your fantabulous guide for 2017 Kid-Friendly Holiday Fun Along Route One! Below you'll find fabulously local (and mostly free!) listings for Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa fun to help you and your wee ones get into the holiday spirit! Scroll down for categories including Santa, Holiday Events, Holiday Music & Performances and Holiday Lights! Know of other, great local events happening in our area? Drop your knowledge in the comments section below! 

πŸŽ„ I'll be updating this list throughout the holiday season, so be sure to return to learn of new events. Subscribe to Route One Fun and you'll automatically receive an email when a new post has been published. Share Route One Fun's Kids' 2017 Holiday Fun Guide with a few of your friends so they can join you in the fun!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Route One Christmas Trees - Where to Get Yours!

πŸ“· by Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Dept.
A Route One Fun reader hit me up on Twitter, asking "Where's your favorite spot to get Xmas trees nearby? Looking to avoid Home Depot this year!"  So, erm. Real talk: We bought from Hyattsville's Home Depot last year. 😐 Don't judge; it was easy, we were rushed, trees were available and well, that was that.

This year, though, we're getting into the game sooner and I, too, am game to check out buying locally for our Xmas tree. Compiled below is a list of local places that neighbors have recommended as well as ones I've come across on listservs.

Know of another great, local place to buy a Christmas Tree?  Add it to the comments below & I'll update the post with your wisdom!

Friday, December 1, 2017

District Taco - Riverdale Park - Opens December 11th!

Exciting news, Route 1! District Taco Riverdale Park is opening its doors on Monday, December 11th at noon! I'm already dreaming about their queso and fish tacos and breakfast tacos and.... Back in the day, when District Taco started as a food cart run by owner Osiris Holi, Route One Hubs πŸ˜ƒ would trek out to Rosslyn Metro just to indulge. My man is a Texan and ❤ his breakfast tacos, so his πŸ‘ is golden. To me, at least. 😎 

Here are Opening Day details from District Taco: 

"The Grand Opening for Riverdale Park location will be on Monday, December 11th at 12pm. The first 100 customers in line will receive District Taco swag and a free meal. A portion of the day's profits will go to Extra-Ordinary Birthdays, a local organization that offers support for homeless families and works to transform the lives of homeless children by creating personalized birthday parties that make them feel valued. Patrons can expect a large celebration and are encouraged to get their place in line early."

They're also doing a little something special for UMD students, offering them a 25% discount with their student ID from December 12th through December 19th.

District Taco will be on the same strip at MOD Pizza (another great spot to check out)! Many thanks to Route One Fun reader Cynthia Henthorn and District Taco for the info! 

πŸ“·s by District Taco

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Kids' Weekend Guide: December 1st-3rd

Get Yr Gingerbread House Workshop on this weekend!
This weekend's lineup includes magical Tree Lightings along Route One, a Santa Fly-in, Gingerbread House Workshop, Festival of Lights, Sensory Santa and more! Check it out here!

And...Thank YOU so much for reading & supporting Route One Fun! I'm super-duper thrilled to share that I just hit my goal of reaching 1,000 Facebook followers before the end of the year; a whole month ahead of time! Thank you all so much for helping to spread the good word about Route One Fun! 😊 πŸ‘ 😊 πŸ‘ 😊

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Adults' Weekend Guide: Nov. 30th-Dec. 3rd

Image Source: Mt. Rainier Craft Fair (happening this Saturday!)
Your weekend guide's sprinkled with fun holiday events, festive fairs, ways to get your body movin' & groovin' as well as a GAMER SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA! Yes - all caps because an orchestra playing the songs from The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Brothers = AWESOME!

Speaking of AWESOME: Thank YOU so much for reading & supporting Route One Fun! I'm super-duper thrilled to share that I just hit my goal of reaching 1,000 Facebook followers before the end of the year; a whole month ahead of time! Thank you all so much for helping to spread the good word about Route One Fun!  😊 πŸ‘ 😊 πŸ‘ 😊

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sensory Santa, PGCPS Sings & Holiday Fun at MPG!

With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror (aside from the leftovers we're still making our way through), the holiday season is in full gear! If you're like my best friend, you've got all your holiday shopping done and the house already decorated. Which makes we wonder how we stay friends. πŸ˜„  Lucky for the rest of us, the Mall at Prince George's (MPG) is right around the corner and is having its PREIT Perks Member Weekend this Saturday and Sunday, with special offers like $50 Holiday Rewards Cash after spending $51 (!!!), mini-makeovers, free gift wrapping and more! They're also hosting great holiday activities, like Sensory Santa, Songs of the Season and a holiday vendor market. Who says the early bird gets the worm?! Read on, turtle doves!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Holiday Lights Along Hyattsville's Route One!

Hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! We sneaked out for a bit on Friday evening to check out the holiday lights scene along Route One in Hyattsville, care of the SoHy Collective and their "Light It Up" event. I love holiday lights so along with my hot toddy, I was a very happy lady. ;)

Participating businesses stayed open late on Friday and many hosted some fun events to encourage foot traffic, including Hyattsville's Artist and Craftsman Supply, who drew me in with their promise of a keepsake Polaroid pic in some ugly Christmas sweaters. You clearly had me at "Hello."

Gotta love a man in shoulder pads!
With our late start and the clock ticking, we only intended to make it a short visit but I was quickly smitten with their selection and variety of arts and crafts goods. Holy cannoli do they have a lot of cool, quirky and fun items to get  lost these colorful Mardi Gras/Eyes Wide Shut-type masks. So good to scare the children with! πŸ˜„

Got to meet the A & C staff - who were super nice and tremendously patient as I scurried through the aisles, trying to soak it all in before the clock struck 8pm. Thanks, duders!

Colton, Isak and Ray of Artist & Craftsman Hyattsville 
With the later hours, I even got a chance to step into Pyramid Atlantic and pick up the 2018 Pyramid Atlantic Letterpress Calendars I bought for myself and some lucky relatives! πŸ‘

Check out this dope "Handmade in Hyattsville" bag!
Some more cool storefronts and local sights to behold! 

Centennial Park's Vainglorious Bluebird's rockin' a bow!
Tanglewood Works 
Three Little Birds Sewing Co.

Green Owl Design got festive!

Hyattsville Vacuum Service did it up, too!

As did M & R Dominican Salon!

Looking forward to exploring and sharing more holiday pics of holiday fun along Route One! 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Adults' Weekend Guide: Thanksgiving Weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving, Route 1! Many local, small businesses are opening their doors this weekend & hosting events for the community to explore the Route 1 Corridor. Check 'em out and pick me up something! ;)

Exploring Hyattsville's Tanglewood Works
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Kids' Weekend Guide: Thanksgiving Weekend 2017!

Happy Thanksgiving, Route One Friends and Families! Sharing some fun, kid-friendly ideas for this holiday weekend. Go on & bring the out-of-towners, show them all the fun we have along Route 1!
Adorb art by the children of Hyattsville's Greenwood School
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