Biz Review: Tanglewood Works POP-UP in Hyattsville!

[Update! Tanglewood Works is now permanently at this new location! Yahoo!]

Tanglewood Works just opened up a pop-up shop in Hyattsville and it’s a wonderful thing.  One foot inside the shop and you’ll feel like you’ve finally been invited into the home of that cool chic from around the way whose style you dig but which you can never manage to successfully replicate.  Because…it’s an art.  An art that Tanglewood Works proprietor and self-described “Dumpster Diva,” Sue Mondeel, has perfected through the years and which she is sharing with us now at Tanglewood Works pop-up along Route One in Hyattsville.

At Tanglewood Works pop-up, you’ll find over 2,000 square feet of eclectic, colorful and vibrant pieces of upcycled furniture, art, jewelry, gifts and home decor.  Everything from beautifully reclaimed home decor to funky, colorful hats to delicately beautiful jewelry and even some amazingly scented artisan soaps is all here.


Adding to this magic is the pop-up’s excellent location in Hyattsville’s Arts District, right on the corner of Route One and Gallatin Street.  It’s pretty awesome to have so much accessible creativity and innovation right along this corridor.

At this point, though, you may be wondering, “Is it the Scotch or is there another Tanglewood Works in the area?”  To that I would say, bottoms up!  And yes, there is a Tanglewood Works in Edmonston and it’s doing very well.  So well that it won Washington City Paper’s 2016 award for the Best Handmade Home Decor store.  Sue now wishes to bring this magic to the Route One corridor and is testing the waters, so to speak, with this two month pop-up in Hyattsville.  Depending on demand, hours may expand as we get deeper into the holiday season.  Similarly, depending on demand, we may even be able to convince Sue and her crew to make two months last forever!

(L) Pamela Brown & (R) Sue Mondeel

So, my good people, if you’re curious about how it feels to rock a strand of baubles with some real personality or don a whimsical hat with its own story to tell, or own a work of art by Mt. Rainier’s Peter McClintock, an artist whose paintings “focus on the horizon of our own architecture – looking beyond to the whim of the outside”, then shop locally and make Hyattsville’s Tanglewood Works Pop-Up your first stop!  You’ll be glad you did.  And so will the rest of us.  😉

Location: 5132 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville
Hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 11am-6pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am-8pm
Closed Monday and Tuesday

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