Review: Delish beer and inexplicable swooning at The Public Option!

The hubs and I checked out The Public Option in Langdon, NE DC, a while back and were smitten with what we’d discovered:  a cozy, one-room parlor with eclectic seating and an owner who invited us up to the bar for an entertaining overview of the many craft beers he had on tap. (Disclaimer:  While this place is not in the area of Route 1 that I typically cover, it’s a stone’s throw from Mt. Rainier and such a good, low-fi, high-fun spot for folks considering a date-night/girl-night/guy’s night/any time of day away from the kids that I thought I’d share on my blog.)

We’d previously driven by this spot on our way into DC and my nerd-brain would dork out wondering if “The Public Option” was a spot named in honor of a heath care system that I hearted and hoped for some sort of inclusion in the 2010 health care reform discussions. But then I’d quickly dismiss my musings and remind myself that I was just a dork, a progressive, government affairs dork who found entertainment and comfort in imagining brewpubs named in solidarity with her progressive beliefs.  So you can only imagine how much my heart swooned when I actually got to ask the affable owner, Billy Perry, about the genesis of the brewpub.  I was on point!!!  When I heard this affirmation, blood rushed to my head and I’m pretty sure I blushed, inexplicably.  Not sure why.  Thus, the “inexplicable” bit.  


So virtuous!


Anyway, back to the review. 
Bill allowed us to try any/all of the beers that he had on tap.  I only have eyes for IPAs right now, so that was my brew of choice.  The hubs got a flight and boy was I pleased.  Pleased enough that he had to get another one – for himself!  🙂  Ah, my man.  True love.  
We sat outside on the long, clean wooden benches and watch passers-by, many of whom would turn around and then find themselves ordering up a beer from Bill’s son, who was not his son.  But an employee who looked remarkably like senor Bill.  Speaking of employees, it’s worth noting, truly worth noting, that The Public Option takes its “no tipping” policy seriously.  They pay a starting wage of $15/hour and provides a full-time work week to its employees.  Also, also – this place actually has a changing table in its clean bathroom.  While we didn’t have our kiddos with us, it was so nice to see a hip, fun establishment signal its welcoming of our younger ones.  Heart.  Swoon.  Again! 


Among the unique decor is a framed postcard from Mr. Perry’s son, telling of his time in Antarctica.  Love these personal touches!
All in all, really enjoyed The Public Option and would highly recommend it if you’re searching for some really good beer to enjoy in a low-fi, unique and welcoming setting.  Nice work, Mr. Perry & Co!  
Where: 1601 Rhode Island Avenue Northeast, Washington, DC, 20018
Hours: M-Th Closed, F-Sa 12p–10p, Su 12p–8p (all subject to change so best to confirm on site)  

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