Friday, September 30, 2016

Biz Review: Storytime on Screen at the Old Greenbelt Theatre!

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Storytime on Screen at the Old Greenbelt Theatre!  This free, toddler-oriented event is held from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. the second and fourth Mondays of every month in partnership with the Prince George’s County Memorial Library Service.  The beautiful, historic theatre opens its doors during these hours just for this program so there's no worrying about your kiddo being too loud or getting some wiggles out running up and down the theatre aisles during story time. 
Upon entering, kiddos are greeted with their own bag of freshly popped popcorn.  What a treat! To begin the program, PGCMLS's awesome librarian, Ms. Nancy, popped on stage and warmed up the crowd with a couple of fun sing-a-longs, including "Make New Friends But Keep the Old" and then "This Little Light of Mine."  She warmly encouraged the kiddos to sing along AND also signed the songs so all of us got a chance to learn some sign language.  Purdy cool.  The songs were followed by colorful, punctuated readings of stories including "Leon and the Magic Brush" and "Ben's Trumpet," the illustrations of which were projected onto the large theatre screen for all to see.  Following storytime, an episode of The Reading Rainbow was put on for all to see.  This was a wee bit too advanced for me and my gal so we got up out of our seats and did some exploring around the historic threatre, learning about Greenbelt itself in the process.  Did you know that Greenbelt was settled in 1937 as a public cooperative community - one of three in the country - as part of the New Deal?  Me, neither!  ;)  We also got a fab photo opp with our gurl, Eleanor Roosevelt.

So much history here to observe and absorb.  Afterwards, the kiddos got crafty - making some masks - with the courtesy and guidance of the lovely folks from the PGCMLS.

I definitely plan on including Storytime on Screen into our menu of fun, free morning activities with the little lady.  Honestly impressed with this program and the fine folks of both the Greenbelt Theatre and PGCMLS. 

If you can, plan to get there around 10 a.m. so that you can explore the area and let the kiddo(s) run around before heading inside.

Pack a lunch to eat on one of the benches just outside the theatre.  Alternatively, walk on over to the the Greenbelt Co-op Supermarket for some good stuff to nosh on!  (And they have wine/beer there, too.  You know, for later.) 

There's two hour parking in a nearby lot.            

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