Welcome to Route One Fun! 

Interested in advertising your business on Route One Fun?  Well, of course you are! 👊

Route One Fun! reaches families all along the Route One Corridor and into Washington, DC.  We aim to be the go-to resources for folks curious about exploring all that we have to offer - including your business or event! 

We are happy to work with all types of budgets and offer a number of ways for sponsors to reach out to families along Route One & beyond.  These include banner ads, giveaways, calendar events and more.  

What Our Readers Say

"Just wanted to say thanks for doing this blog! I am a mom to 2 young boys and I live in College Park.  This list of activities is a huge help to me and I am discovering new activities and places I had no idea existed. THANKS!" - Melanie J.

"Thank you for this blog. It's awesome! I look at it every week and have shared it with many of my co-workers and friends.- Jeremy R. 

"I love this blog.  I have my grandson every other weekend and the blog proves invaluable at finding things that interest him."  - Kelly L. 

To kick it off, email us at and we'll be in touch soon!



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  2. Hi Joe's! (Is this Neena?!) Happy to connect! Email me at & we'll get started.

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