Friday, June 15, 2018

Riverdale Park Station Bridge Opening June 22nd!

Rejoice, people!  The CSX Bridge connecting Riverdale Park Station (& Whole Foods, Gold's Gym, District Taco, MOD Pizza, Burtons Grill, Starbucks) with the Discovery District in Riverdale Park will open on June 22nd!  These grumpy "road closed" signs will soon be no more!

According to Alan Thompson, Mayor of Riverdale Park: "It is with immense pleasure that I announce the opening date for the new bridge and associated roadway to connect Riverdale Park Station across the CSX tracks to Lafayette Avenue, Rivertech Court, and the Discovery District (formerly known as M Square). The bridge and roadway will have a ribbon cutting next Friday, June 22, at 9:30 am, with the bridge opening to the public at 10:00 am. We've been waiting a long time, and I'm glad it's about to open!"

Kids' Weekend Guide: June 15th-17th

Did you say you wanted to get the kids involved in a Public Art Workshop? Well, looky here; there's one this weekend! How about getting their hands busy building some wooden model thingamajigs? There's an option for that as well! There's also a Family Fest Book Fair, Juneteenth, Paw Patrol at Eastern Rhodes and more, all this weekend! Read on!

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Adults' Weekend Guide: June 14th-17th

Proverbs Reggae Band will be at HyFest this Saturday! 

Hyattsville's HyFest, Yoga in College Park, Summer Concert Series in Riverdale Park, Juneteenth in Upper Marlboro, Eastern Rhodes Public Place Opening and Lesole's Dance Project's Freedom of Expression in Mt. Rainier and more, all this weekend along Route One!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Have you played along yet to #whereamiwednesday? Folks are saying it's a fun way to get to learn more about the wonderful neighborhoods of ours! Play along in the comments, below! 😊

This free standing abstract sculpture was "fabricated from reclaimed oil barrels...[and] is intended to make visible the impact of air pollution on the environment. Inspired by an International Energy study stating air pollution leads to 6.5 million deaths each year, the artist place black numbers on a stark white background to symbolize these losses."  

Do you know where this cool and thoughtful sculpture is located in Prince George's County? Play along in comments below or head over to Route One Fun's Facebook Page and/or Instagram Page to bid your wager!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Local Music + Tasty Local Craft Beer? Yes, please! (Hyattsville's HyFest is this Saturday!)

Tomato Dodgers all up in this piece! 

If I told you there was a music showcase happening at Hyattsville's Polka Dot Park THIS Saturday featuring four local bands playing some r-n-r, punky reggae, action funk rock, and rootz reggae as well as some tasty local craft beer from Denizens and Calvert Brewing Company, you'd be like, "shawt up!" And I'd be like, "Totes Magoates." HyFest is happening this Saturday, people!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Kids' Weekend Guide: June 8th-10th

A giant slip and slide?!? Indeed - at UPES's F4 this Saturday! An evening bat walk, Arts Drop-Ins an Astronomy Star Party and more, all this weekend!

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Adults' Weekend Guide: June 7th-10th

Caesura Obscura by local phenom Clara Cornelius opens this Sunday!

Black Panther screening in the park, Boot Camp outside, Yoga inside (or out!), Dogs for the Arts, Crazy Quilt Festival, Astronomy Star Party, Pump House Pop-Up Reception & more, all inside this fantabulous Adults' Weekend Guide!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Where Am I Wednesday!

Time for #whereamiwednesday! 

Chances are, if you've been to this iconic place, you've taken a picture with this revered First Lady. Or maybe one with her husband - but me and my lady wanted one with the politically astute and socially progressive Ms. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt! 

So, where was this pic snapped? Hint: Their popcorn is cooked in coconut oil - and it's DELICIOUS! 

Monday, June 4, 2018

PHOTOS: May Fun Along Route One!

Gateway Arts District Open Studio Tour was a chance to meet some of the many amazing artists who live and work in our area, including Juliana Vallejo and Julia Walther at Mt. Rainier's Red Dirt Studios:

Julia Walther and her handmade pottery are delightful!
Hyattsville's Pizzeria Paradiso's Spring Fest was super fun! About 10-12 breweries to try from as well as live music from the Smokin' Polecats! :)

Can't wait for Hyattsville's Streetcar 82 to open!
 University Park Civic Association's Porch Fest, organized by Emily and Jason Jackson, was a hit! Over 15 local bands and musicians performing to the delight of friends and neighbors! 

Interstate Rivals played some post ska/punk band.

Local celebs Paint Branch Creek did their thang - in Sharon & Fred Werth's backyard, 
which was a dream. #backyardenvy
Memorial Day observance in Bladensburg was a chance to meet these two American heroes:

Uncle Buck (L), an Army veteran of the Korean War, 
accompanied by his nephew, Retired Lt. Colonel Robert Kiker 
of the Prince George's County Office of the Sheriff. 

Cheverly American Legion's Commander Joseph Pruden grew up in an Army family 
and later enlisted in the Army to serve in the Vietnam War. 
Packed house for University Parks Elementary School's Art Takeover Night! Such a great way to see the students' art and partake in some creative art-making yourself!

An eel was spotted in Wells the delight of nearby students!

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Kids' Weekend Guide: June 1st-3rd

Hammerin' away at a Kids' Workshop at Home Depot! 
Nature Center fun, Classic Car Modeling, Afternoon Aviators, Pride Month Collage, Birds Gone Wild, Puppet Show & more indoor + outdoor fun inside this Kids' Weekend Guide!

*Due to the forecasted rain, please be sure to call or check event website before heading out. Likewise, I will try to update the Route One Fun Facebook page when I learn of updates!

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