Thursday, February 15, 2018

Kids' Weekend Guide: Feb. 16th-19th (Presidents' Day Wknd)

This weekend's rockin' with fun activities like Bibliobop, Leap, Jump & Jam, Kid Koders, African Folktales, Peter and the Wolf Concert, face painting, balloon twisting & more - all in this Kids' Weekend Guide!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Adults' Weekend Guide: Feb. 15th-18th

Linwood Taylor Band, w/ a style a la Muddy Waters, at New Deal Cafe this Friday!
📷 by New Deal Cafe

From Artist Talk about "The Elements that Define Us" to a reception for Rips, an exhibit addressing the artist's "disdain for the expectations around motherhood" (👊) to ParkRun & Zumba to Yoga + Wine to a Welcome to Wakanda Afterparty to Beekeeping 101, we really do have a ton of events to pick from this weekend! 👏

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Art Supplies + School Projects + Birthday Gifts = Get Thee to Artist & Craftsman Supply Hyattsville

Stepped inside Artist & Craftsman Supply (A&C) in Hyattsville for the first time back in November of last year; they had set up an ugly sweater photo booth and were offering folks free pics of themselves donning these beaded creations, so you know I had to be there. 😉

I'm so glad I'm attracted to cheap thrills (like my husband 😆) because this little adventure opened my eyes to all that the amazing things this place has to offer - and not just to experienced artsy/craft-sy folks, but to dabblers like me, too. Beginner origami packets, amazing range of decorative, handmade paper to serve as the background for that vision board I never finished, markers and paints in every color you can imagine, paint brushes ranging in sizes from teeny tiny to holy cannoli, poster boards that come in more colors the usual meh, blah and whatever (and costing less than those insipid CVS  versions)! It's perfect for a bajillion things, but as a momma with the school's Literary Extravaganza on my mind, it's an especially great place to get all your school project supplies!

Big brush or just a tiny kid? 
There's a whole section dedicated to kids' toys, puzzles, card games, board games, fortune telling fish (remember those?!?!), mobiles, puppets, etc.

Also a section dedicated to kids' art and craft supplies:

So on top of having an artist's wishlist of supplies, A&C is staffed by top notch staff who are knowledgeable about the products and who, as artists themselves, know of what they speak. In fact, one such employee and artist, Isak Shah, has a show on right now at Studio SoHy in Hyattsville! Speaking of employees, A&C is a 100% employee-owned company. 👏

A & C fab employees Colton, Isak and Ray - and behind them an amazing
wall of beautiful sheets of paper (~$5/sheet)!

James, Paloma, Appollon (gato) & Ellen of A & C Hyattsville!
As you may have noticed in Route One Fun's Weekend Guides, A&C many times offers free or low-cost events to our local communities - like a recent Valentine's origami event and a kids' thank you card event. So go, check 'em out. And then, after you enjoy a coffee at Vigilante, stop nextdoor to check out Isak's show.

Artist & Craftsman Supply
4902 43rd Ave
Hyattsville, MD 20781
(301) 887-1104

Have you been to A & C yet? Drop a comment below! :) 
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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Glassblowing, perchance? Check out DC GlassWorks and Sculpture Studio in Hyattsville

Studio space of Beth Hess & Leo Lex (w/ dope mural of both in background).

At last year's Hyattsville Arts & Ales Festival, I struck up a conversation with local glassblower Beth Hess at her Wunder Around booth, stocked full of colorful, beautiful pieces of blown glass. I was so curious about the glassblowing process that I kept asking Beth a bunch of questions like; how do these different colors appear and not bleed into each other? How are the shapes are made, etc. What is your sign? (Just to mix it up. 😉) All was going well until I noticed I was holding up the line, so we parted ways with so many questions left unanswered. I've been empty ever since, which is why I was elated when Beth reached out recently to let me know that DC GlassWorks and Sculpture Studio was having an open house. Glassblowing demonstrations and more opps for my questions-a-plenty? SO. THERE. 😊

DC GlassWorks and Sculpture Studio is located in a part of Hyattsville that I love exploring. Just before Franklins, take the Rt. 1 overpass on the left, head to Decatur. So many warehouses and industrial-type buildings whose stories I hear whispers of as I pass by. Or maybe that's my kids, yearning to be fed. Anyway. Tangent. Back to the post.

Here's Leo, demonstrating how it's done! 👊

According to its website, DC GlassWorks and Sculpture Studio was designed to be a "well maintained studio with professional equipment that was open to all persons in the DC Metro area. Over the years, we have expanded the amount of equipment, opened up the metal fabrication area for classes and rental, and added metal casting to the curriculum." 

What I didn't realize is the classes bit. I'd always imagined glassblowing to be way too intimidating for one to just dip their toe into, a la a class. Turns out, I'm wrong. (Never happens. Enjoy this fleeting moment.) They've got a class where you can make your own paperweight, a beginning glassblowing class, a vases class, etc.  Who knew?  Now you do. Take a look at this handy calendar of classes. All this schmitter, schmatter about needing to head into DC for art classes is malarkey. We've got it all along Route 1, folks. You just need to actually set foot inside and explore. Some straight-up hangry talk for y'all. 😎

I got a chance to meet a couple of the artists at the open house, including Leo and Shari Flynn, who had many interesting brain sculptures and showcased this lovely looking glass, perfectly sized for a beer (like everything, really. Amirite?):

Shari Flynn
Beth's rainbow vase, Leo's murrini vase and Shari's brain sculpture (in back)
📷 DC GlassWorks
Andddddddddd: I got a chance to purchase a vase of Beth's that I'd been eyeing for a while now on her Instagram account here. Look at the beautiful colors and shapes of these beauts below.

College Park's Beth Hess of Wunder Around.

I went with the yellow/pink combo! 👏Looks lovely on my windowsill, eh? Happy Valentine's' Day to me! :)

You can check out more of Beth's work (and shop) here. And don't forget to keep you eyes peeled for this spring's Gateway Open Studios tour. Like this open studio tour, it's a great way to get to amazing local artists, see their workspace and buy some fantastic local art. I'll share news about it here as soon as I've got the info.

DC GlassWorks and Sculpture Studio
5346 46th Ave, Hyattsville, MD 20781

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Kids' Weekend Guide: Feb. 9th-11th

Shrinky Dink Fun at Brentwood Arts Exchange this weekend! 

Care to Live Like a Star (of course!), Children's Choice Smile Party, A First Tooth Yoga Inspired Class, Puppet Show, Kid Koders, African Drumming & Storytime, Valentine's Origami, Unshrink My Heart....& even more!! Below!


Family Fun: Who was here? 
Winter is a great time to be a “nature detective” and look for animal tracks in the snow (or mud). Even when we don’t see the animals themselves, we can tell who has been there -- and maybe what they were doing -- by looking at their footprints and other things they leave behind. Come learn
about tracks, scat and other animal signs through hands-on activities and games for all ages. This is a drop-in program: come when you wish, and leave when you’re ready.
When: 10am-1pm
Where: Patuxent Research Refuge, 10901 Scarlet Tanager Loop, Laurel
Cost: Free!

STEM for Families: Brainiacs
Join us as we explore science, technology, engineering and math. Drop in for hands-on experiments and activities about the brain!
When: 2-3pm
Where: Hyattsville Library, 6502 America Blvd, Hyattsville
Cost: Free!

Live Like a Star!
Are you a star like our Sun? A less massive star? A more massive star? But wait – you aren’t a star at all, are you? Well, in a sense, you are made of star stuff! Come take on a star persona, find out what happens during your lifetime, and find out how your star persona affects your human persona! Interwoven throughout the program is a tour of the night sky.
When: Doors open 7:15pm; Program at 7:30
Where: Howard B. Owens Science Center Planetarium, 9601 Greenbelt Rd, Lanham
Cost: $3 students/$5 adults (cash/check only)


Children's Choice Smile Party at Art Works Now

Join Children's Choice Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics in a special 'What Makes Me Smile' art session. Art Works Now celebrates each of our young artists weekly…and then they clean up the mess! Siblings, young and old, always welcome.When: 10-12pm
Where: Art Works Now
Cost: Free!

Family Fun: Who was here? 
Winter is a great time to be a “nature detective” and look for animal tracks in the snow (or mud). Even when we don’t see the animals themselves, we can tell who has been there -- and maybe what they were doing -- by looking at their footprints and other things they leave behind. Come learn
about tracks, scat and other animal signs through hands-on activities and games for all ages. This is a drop-in program: come when you wish, and leave when you’re ready.
When: 10am-1pm
Where: Patuxent Research Refuge, 10901 Scarlet Tanager Loop, Laurel
Cost: Free!

Puppet Show - "The Hollow Stump"
Seven very different animals seek shelter from the winter cold and snow in a large hollow stump. The cuddly, hand-crafted rod-puppets will enchant any child as the characteristics of each animal are revealed through a unique and descriptive poem and song. When the animals let newcomers enter and the space inside the stump grows tighter, these songs interweave. Adapted from the popular tale, The Mitten, this tale celebrates community, as the animals learn to share one space.
When: 11am 
Where: Old Greenbelt Theatre, Greenbelt
Cost: Free

Kid Koders
Learn the basic of coding through game-based activities that will challenge creative and logical skills while teaching core concepts of computer science and programming. Ages 5-12. Read here about what's to love at the Laurel Library!
When: 12-1pm & 1:15-2:15pm
Where: Laurel Library, 507 7th Street, Laurel
Cost: Free!

Museum in a Box: Black History Month
Through the examination of historical artifacts and arts and crafts, students will gain a deeper knowledge of African American history in Prince George’s County.
When: 12:30pm
Where: North Brentwood Community Center, 4012 Webster St, Brentwood
Cost: Free!  (Registration required - behind link)

Winter Adaptations Hike (All Ages; Registration required)
Come and enjoy a winter hike around Cash Lake. Learn about the adaptations animals and plants use to survive this frosty time of year. Bring water and dress for the elements. The hike will start inside the visitor center. Call 301.497.5887 to register. 
When: 12:30-1:30pm Where: Patuxent Research Refuge, 10901 Scarlet Tanager Loop, Laurel
Cost: Free!

Unshrink My Heart
The DIY arts and crafts icon from the 80's is back! And nothing says "love" like a hand-made pre-shrunk Valentine. Families are invited to create beautiful jewelry, key chains, and other Valentine's Day gifts for their loved ones. Children will receive their first 2 sheets of blank Shrinky Dinks free, additional sheets will be available to purchase for 50 cents each. As seen above, the kiddos had fun at this one last year, watching their dragon, flower and other drawings come to plastic life! 
When: 2-4pm
Where: Brentwood Arts Exchange, 3901 Rhode Island Ave, Brentwood
Cost: Free!

African Drumming and Storytime
This program is an exploration of the traditional music, storytelling and dance of a typical African village. Through “call-and-response” songs, games, rhythms, and the employment of authentic instruments, we will explore the rich heritage of Africa.
When: 2-3pm
Where: Hyattsville, 6502 America Blvd, Hyattsville
Cost: Free!


Say "Ahhhhh" - A First Tooth Yoga Inspired Class (Ages 4-9)
This fun creative class is filled with music, movement, stretching and breathing exercises. Designed to stimulate the growing curiosity of the young mind thought playful yoga poses and breathing exercises. This special Kids Foundation Yoga class will be followed by a 15-minute Q & A with pediatric dentist Dr. Jonelle Anamelechi - plus fun giveaways!
When: 11:30am-1pm
Where: Bikram Yoga Riverdale Park, 6202 Rhode Island Ave, Riverdale Park
Cost: Free! Limited to 25. MUST PREREGISTER (link above)

Valentine's Origami (Best for ages 10+ but all welcome (w/adult)
Learn how to make a simple origami flower, followed by a more complicated origami heart box. Materials are free for one flower and one box per customer.
When: 1-3pm
Where: Artist & Craftsman Supply Hyattsville
Cost: Free!

Don't forget: 

Always call or check the event website before heading out;
Event information is subject to change or weather cancellation.

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